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Yoga Retreats

  • About Rachel


    Rachel has studied yoga extensively in the UK and India,  incorporating yoga into her teaching practice for over eight years. After training as a Laughter Leader, Movement Tutor and Expressive Breath specialist, she is thrilled to be delivering Outdoor Laughing Yoga in her favourite destination.

    Movement Director

    Rachel trained as a movement director and choreographer working with actors and performers in operas, film and theatre in India, China and Europe.

    Workshop Leader

    Rachel is an experienced workshop leader for businesses, encouraging creativity and productivity within the workplace.


    Research and Practice

    Rachel is a movement practitioner who teaches movement, expressive breath and laughing yoga. She studied Ashtanga Yoga Teaching and practiced Laughter Yoga in India when living there for over five years, before transitioning into researching the physical benefits both anatomically and emotionally of applying breath to movement whilst completing her Masters in 2017. Rachel practices as a breath facilitator and writes for Physiotherapy magazine 'Emerging Fitness' in India. 

    Having had a strong training in movement and anatomy for over ten years, her Somatic Yoga practice stems from Somatic movement training as a dancer and her Masters in Movement, where she applied breath and laughing yoga teaching practices to Somatic Movement pedagogic approaches. This accumulated in a unique approach to laughing yoga, that is tailored to the body’s anatomy, Somatic Yoga approaches and releasing tension in key muscles within the body that retain and hold emotional tension.

    “The aim of my practice is to release tension and emotions, connect with the body, increase awareness, as well as to strengthen and centre the body in a joyful expressive manner, applying breath, movement, stretching and laughter.”

    Outdoor Laughing Yoga is predominantly practiced outside to fill the body with positive ions from the fresh air and to enable practice to expand our horizons, in turn expanding our physicality and claiming space, widening gaze, in turn opening the mind. By practicing Laughing Yoga outside you are putting yourself in a position to let go of the ‘ego’ and ‘self’ and to focus on your connection to the earth through being immersed in nature, providing opportunities for perspective, enlightenment and liberation

    Where are the Outdoor Laughing Yoga Retreats?

    The first outdoor laughing yoga retreat is held in The Lake District, UK. 

    Rachel grew up in the Lake District and spent much of her adult life in India;

    ”I constantly feel like a Nomad, as cliche as this sounds, when things feel just too much, I walk up to the highest peak I can find, dance, stretch, Laugh, cry, meditate and walk back down. My best practice is always in the rain, I think it is the smell of the negative ions that just steadies hormones, fortunately in the Lakes we are never short of rain! One day I had a Eureka moment - what if other people would like to do this too?!”

    Being based in both India and the UK, Rachel hopes to hold future retreats in her other favourite high places, including Darjeeling overlooking the Himalayas and Tala Hills (top picture) both in India.

    Want to find that life changing moment?

    "Don’t just take my word for it!

    Come and experience the magic of laughing, moving and practicing yoga in nature.

    I’d love to laugh with you and say Namaste."