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    Lake District Yoga Retreat. Unite Breath, Body, Laughter & Soul

    About Outdoor Laughing Yoga

    Laugh. Stretch. Breathe. Be.

    Outdoor laughing yoga is for everyone.  It connects you to your breath, helps release emotion and let go of tension. 

    Stretch on top of the Lake District fells looking over the lakes, laugh in the forest and meditate by the Lake. Stretch your body and soul in the woodland yoga studio by the fire and laugh lying under the stars listening to the stream.

    Be surrounded by nature, switch off from the outside world. Laugh with other people, stretch and strengthen your body, take a moment just to be. 

    Let go of Inhibitions.

    Need to disconnect from the stressful city life? Experience that Sound of Music Moment!

    Find your inner child through Outdoor Laughing Yoga, practice gentle Somatic Yoga stretches with Laughter Yoga, experience Expressive Breath and connect to your inner child’s playfulness and joy. Laughing Yoga and Movement helps release unwanted toxins in the body, stretches out aches & pains and strengthens your core & mind.

    Connect to your Breath.

    By focusing on breath, outdoor laughing yoga not only helps strengthen and release your body, but also enriches mindfulness and meditation. It is important to take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself and get clarity. The weekend retreat helps you to deepen your practice and understanding to how your breath is key.

    I feel exhilarated, centered and ready for anything!” -SongYi, 2017.

    Time to connect with Nature ?


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